Saturday, March 19, 2011

Something new...

I love theatre. Again...Can't stress that enough. I love the creation and the process of seeing a show start from the page and ends up on the stage. I love seeing the pieces come together to form a vision and idea come alive. Its an amazing, frustrating, delightful, annoying, ugly, fantastic, facinating, beautiful and terrifying experience. I would've said more, but those were the only adjectives that came to mind. :)

So, a few weeks ago I discovered that I love not only being in theatre, I love talking about it. I love discussing various aspects of the productions. I enjoy all forms of theatre and I really think expanding my horizons will give me a new perspective. Theatre is really a group effort and I want to try to examine that in more detail. I find I have a knack for seeing the production as a whole, whether the production is a good one or not so good one based on my own observations. It doesn't matter. It matters that work was put in, often times an INSANE amount of work to bring this idea to the stage. I can't wait to explore it more. I thought Id take a crack at reviewing various productions I see around this town. Boston has a lot of theatre going on and I want to see what they have to offer. Being off the stage and viewing them as a patron will definitely be a bit more interesting and I hope to learn a lot.

In saying that, lets see whats out there. I think in a lot of ways it going to be challenging because I never really could see myself being on the other side, especially when it comes to writing. If I manage to at least review 10 different shows over the next few months, I think that will be something.

I plan on looking at sorts of productions, small and big, musicals and plays. Let see what happens.

Stay tuned...

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